blue swirl murrine incalmo vessel by mike hunter of twists glass

Blue Swirl Incalmo Vase

3D Work
15 x 22cm


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This is one of Mike Hunter’s collectors pieces.
Making the blue ‘Swirly Incalmo’ vase – explanation from the studio

Firstly and the hardest thing to actually make on this piece was the orange ‘Hunter’ roses. There are many rose canes made by a number of different people, but, Mike’s ones are unique to him. These have to be cut into slices with a diameter that fitted into the centre hole of the roundel swirl. The swirls were made after a length of white cane had been pulled. These canes were rolled up on a solid core of glass, melted in and covered over before twisting and blowing could begin. End sections were turned into small rondels, cut off and annealed. Two blue incalmo cups were made.
The swirl discs, with triangular cane slices between, were laid loose on a plate in the desiried pattern, heat tacked together and picked up using the roll-up method. At this point a great deal of juggling is needed while re-heating takes place to ensure all the rondel’s, triangular and rose canes remain in place.
Once worked until all the gaps are filled, the incalmo base is added, blown, shaped and punted. With the piece now reversed the top incalmo section is added, blown and shaped.

Artist - Twists Glass Studio

Mike Hunter has spent over forty years refining traditional glass blowing techniques and coming up with his own unique designs.
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