Small Hare Moongazing

3D Work
6 x 4cm


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Perhaps of all the poses in which Hares can be found, the moon gazing one is the most popular. The Hare has special symbolism and from Pagan times has been associated with fertility and good fortune. This endearing design illustrates the classic pose immortalised in foundry bronze.
Limited Edition: 250

This beautiful hare is made in solid foundry bronze using the ancient method of lost wax casting. The design finished by the art of patination where various acids are applied to the surface of the bronze and heat applied to create a deep rich brown patina. Then bronze is then sealed with a special wax which further enhances the colour and protects the bronze for years to come.

The hare is beautifully presented in a printed box containing a signed certificate of authenticity. The bronze is engraved with the sculptor’s signature and limited edition number, matching the certificate enclosed

Artist - Michael Simpson

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