Graffiti Inspired Pop Art

Yuvi is known for his vibrant artworks inspired by combining superheros, artists, movie stars and animals in a graffiti mix.
All the influences of his upbringing in Tel Aviv, in the hipster neighbourhood Florentine in the 1970s, come to play in his artwork. He also travelled widely to other cosmopolitan hotspots in America and Europe and has drawn inspiration from artists such as American icon Andy Warhol and the Elusive british artist Banksey. All these elements he has forged into his own style.
Yuvi combines traditional techniques with digital technology. His characters and their settings are formed from paint, printed paper cuttings, layers of old newspaper clippings, sketches, silk screen prints, various glues, inks, spray paints, sand, glass fragments and more. He often uses his bare hands which means he has an intense physical relationship with every piece he creates; to look at his hands after a day in his studio is to understand his dedication, passion, and love for his work. The finished composition is intensely tactile and the spectator is invited to feel the work with their own hands

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