Sarah Jackson

Wildlife Collages.

We were drawn to the movement and colour in this amazing large canvas print by Sarah Jackson. The image is also available on paper but does not hold quite the same impact.

Sarah grew up by the Cornish Coast, and had a childhood filled with nature, wildlife and adventure. All of which helps to instill many of the values which she now holds for animals and our natural world, and which is reflected in her artwork.
After graduating from Falmouth University in 2011, Sarah began working as a freelance editorial illustrator as well as working on private projects and beginning to sell her work through galleries. Her innocative use of collage quickly found popularity.
In 2016 she co-founded her own gallery in North Devon and is now a full-time professional artist selling her work to a global audience. In March 2023 she won the Ronald Morgan Memorial Award and The Royal Society of British Artists at the Mall Galleries as well as receiving Highly Commended by the De Lazlo Foundation at the same event.

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Canvas Print by Sarah Jackson

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