Nigel Hemming

Wildlife Artist

In his latest paintings, Nigel continues to portray wildlife against a diffused background so that the focus falls on a particular feature of the creature.

Nigel Hemmings is one of the country’s most successful wildlife artists with particular reputation for his narrative paintings of dogs. More recently he has been painting native birds and wildlife.

Born in 1957, Nigel grew up in the village of Kinver, Staffordshire. From an early age he showed a keen interest in painting, his rural upbringing resulting in his choice of wild birds and landscape as subjects for his work.

In those early years he would paint any animals requested of him, which turned out to be dogs above all other pets.
He developed a distinctive style of narrative dog painting aiming to paint pictures not simply of dogs but about dogs.

In his recent paintings he sets his wildlife subject against a diffused background to draw the viewer in.

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