Jane Davies

Wildlife Sculptures

Jane’s animal stoneware sculptures and tiled wall reliefs reflect her enthusiasm for the natural world and wildlife, drawing inspiration from the New Forest where she lives and from further afield. She started her career as a graphic designer and illustrator and had a children’s pop-up book about animals published before continuing her passion for three dimensional work in clay. She is influenced by stone carvings throughout history and her work often reflects this. Her sculpture has won awards and been exhibited at The Society of Wildlife Artists.

Drawing on her detailed observations of an animal’s anatomy, she works in a very spontaneous way to ‘feel’ the animal into shape using a coarse textured clay. She highlights muscle tone in particular which creates a sense of movement and energy and gives the animal a tactile quality. Once the sculpture is leather hard it is hollowed, dried and fired, treated with oxides and sometimes underglaze colours, to accentuate relief and features and then fired again to a higher temperature. Each animal is unique and has its own individual character.

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