Jaanika Talts

Colour and Abstraction

For our focus on florals in February we have on show this beautifully composed painting by Jaanika. She has a lovely eye for colour in both her abstract and floral paintings and we look forward to having more of her work later in the year.

Jaanika’s paintings are full of colour. She is fascinated by colour and how it affects us all, and how we make decisions based on it, often unconsciously. Her paintings let the colour sing and dance in harmony. They range from the passionate, vibrant abstracts to stunning florals with hidden depths of meaning, She is not formally trained and does not want to be – she would rather embrace the mystery than find out the proper ‘know hows’.

Born in Estonia, she has lived and worked in various countries but only found her true path when she became a full-time artist. Now she works in her Dublin studio in the winter and returns to Estonia in the summer months. Her paintings can be found in private collections all over the world and she has been collaborating with interior designers, musicians and movie makers.

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