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.............Bird Cathedrals

In praise of the little things and quiet spaces – the latest paintings by Isak Troskie from South Africa
Isak was born in 1969 in Johannesburg, South Africa. He took to art as a small boy, rummaging in the rubbish bins to find the materials. It was only after he had tried his hand at many things, he realized that art was his vocation.
His paintings start out as impressionistic abstracts based on the landscape and then he stands back to see how the swirling shapes of colour can be refined. His work is very influenced by the Japenese philosophy ‘Wabi-Sabi’ which embraces an acceptance of transcience and imperfection. He is mindful of the beauty in the way things are without refinement. He is currently exploring the term ‘In praise of the little things and quiet spaces’ and so the humble sparrow will feature in his paintings over say the more majestic eagle.
Isak often works collaboratively on a painting with his artist wife Susanne.

Artist Isak Troskie
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