Danielle Akiyama

North American leading modern Impressionist painter

Just released is this new canvas print ‘When We Dream’

Danielle was brought up in Canada and now lives there and in Ireland. She studied Sumi-e, Japanese black-ink brush painting. After three years, she was awarded the Master’s Seal which appears as a red chop mark on all her paintings and means ‘source of joy’. She was married to a Japanese actor and the fusion of cultures is very much a feature of her work.

Her flowers began as accurate portrayals, but as her style developed they became emblems, as Danielle says, of personalities, emotions or experiences. Her work is full or symbolism and starts with a ‘drift’ or poetic statement written onto the canvas. This is a hidden personal message from the artist such as ‘Painting is silent poetry’. She also adds minerals from her travels to the paint to give it texture and ‘to connect the work to the earth and the deep beauty that lies within’.

Her wish is that each of us can aim for and grasp our dreams, and that her paintings will be a part of that positive journey.

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