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We are now stocking Anja’s one-off slab-build vases as well as her ocean and horizon series.

Anja is a self-taught ceramicist who about 10 years ago changed what was her hobby into her full time career. She has a PHD in moelcular biology from the Free University of West Berlin and with this scientific background she loves to experiment with making her own glazes – for which she has collected over 150 reference books. She says ‘ I want to let the glazes tell a story inspired by nature, travel and environment. This is my way of painting with minerals and fire’.
Each piece starts on the potters wheel and is then altered to get the desired form.The white stoneware clay she uses enables it to be fired to a high temperature and allows the colour of the glazes to come through. Though nature is her main source of inspiration it can also be her immediate environment. For example, the shape of her first ever handbag resulted in a line of handbag vases.
Anja is a member of the Anglican Potters and exhibits in galleries around the country.

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