Andrei Protsouk

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We have sold our originals but have two great-quality limited edition prints on canvas.

Andrei Protsouk was born in the Ukraine in 1961 and received a classical training at the top Russian art academy, the Ilya Repin Leningrad Institute (now called the Imperial Academy of Arts). Here he studied under Evsey Moiseenko – a world renowned contemporary of Marc Chagall and Pablo Picasso – who recognised his potential.

In the early days, his work was dark, reflecting the harsh Soviet times in brooding colours. In 1994 he moved with his family to the US where he relished the new freedoms and quickly established himself as a prominent figure on the contemporary art scene. His work became more colourful and his subjects more joyful reflecting his infatuation with human relationships, love and beauty. His style is very recognisable with its use of constructive line against colourful backdrops.

He now sells to a worldwide audience with corporate clients including Johnnie Walker and Coca Cola, and to private collectors including George Bush.

Artist Andrei Protsouk
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