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David Rogers
David Rogers at work

Vinegar Hill Pottery 2018
Wood-Fired Ceramics by David Rogers

I could not resist this new range of ceramics from widely acclaimed potter David Rogers, which have a rural feel with a contemporary edge. The attractive grey-green glaze is complemented by subtle tone changes to the body arising from the wood-firing. As always from this studio pottery, each piece is as robust as it is beautiful and can survive the modern abuse we give it in the dishwasher and microwave.

Artist Details: David Rogers lives and has his studio in Milford on Sea where he produces a range of classic functional stoneware. He has been a professional potter since 1997 having studied ceramics at Farnham Art College. In 2011 he built his own wood-fired kiln which enabled him to experiment and further develop his work.

David's work is all thrown on the potter's wheel and vey highly fired, making it long lasting and durable. His pots are traditional in style but with a contemporary finish. His rich glazes are deep, textural and beautiful in their own right.

He aims to give his pots a mimimalist feel with clean lines and the criteria that form follows function. Each piece is unique and stamped on the bottom with his sign VHP.

Current stock includes:
Four sizes of cup: £11.50-£18
Five sizes of jug: £18 - £115
Salt Pig: £35


Large Casserole Dish: £120

Large Serving Dish (d.28cms): £85
Large Salad Bowl (d.33 cms): £90
Teapot (below): £90

Wine Cooler (h.23cms):£50