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Neil  Tregear at Work
Neil Tregear

Tregear Studio Pottery 2018

These high quality pieces have a distinctive coastal feel and are practical as well as beautiful. Here is just a sample of the range we will be carrying, from one-off larger pieces to smaller items.

Artist Details: Neil Tregear lives and has his studio on the rugged south coast of the Isle of Wight. The beauty of these surroundings are a constant source of inspiration for his pots with boats, fish and seabirds often featuring in his designs against a backdrop of muted sea colours.

Each piece is hand thrown from a fine white stoneware clay and then fired in a 'bourry box' wood kiln fueled entirely with unwanted sawmill offcuts, a completely sustainable source. It is decorated by hand, using a design method that gives depth and atmosphere.

Each piece is unique.

Neil Tregear Pottery 'Seagull Bowl'
Seagull Bowl £84
Neil Tregear Pottery 'Cup and Saucer'
Cup and Saucers £34

Lidded Pots £34

Mugs - £17

Tiles £19.50
Neil Tregear at his Kiln
The 'bourry box' wood kiln