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Mike Lythgoe wood carving 'Avocet 1'
Avocet 1
Height: 25cms Width: 30cms
Price: £165


Mike Lythgoe Wood Carvings 2018

These delightful sculptures are painted with acrylic and finished with a wax coating. All heights and widths are approximate.

Mike Lythgoe carving 'Single Wee Fish'
Single Wee Fish
Fish size 20 cms
Driftwood Bases all different
Price £30

Mike Lythgoe wood carving 'Single Wee Mackerel'
Single Wee Mackerel
Fish size 9 cms
Driftwood Bases all different
Price £40
Mike Lythgoe carving 'Oystercatchers with Mackerel'
Oystercatchers with Mackerel (wall mounted)
Height 30cms. Width 105 cms
Price: £450

Mike Lythgoe carving 'Shoal of 7 wee Mackerel'
Shoal of Seven Wee Mackerel (wall mounted)
Size 15 x 72 cms
Price:£ 295
Mike Lythgoe wood carving 'Avocet 2'
Avocet 2
Height: 24cms Width: 40cms
Price: £165
Mike Lythgoe carving 'Nuthatch'
Nuthatch (wall mounted) - sold
Height: 35cms
Price: £185
Mike Lythgoe wood carving 'Robin'
Robin - sold
Height 15cms. Width 20cms
Price: £150
Mike Lythgoe carving 'Shoal of 7 Wee Fish'
Shoal of Seven Wee Fish - sold
Height 55cms
Price £195

Mke Lythgoe carving 'Great Norther Diver'
Great Northern Diver (wall mounted) - sold
Height 47. Width 36cms
Price: £475
Mike Lythgoe carving 'Swallow in Flight'
Swallow in Flight  - sold
Height: 25 cms.
Price: £225

Artist Details: Mike Lythgoe became a full time carver in 1988 after a chance meeting with an American carver when on holiday in Cape Cod. This began his involvement with wildlife carving and gave him the medium in which to express his fascination with waterfowl. He was born and raised in Cheshire and trained in Engineering. His career in Engineering gave him the opportunity to see more or the world and in 1975 he emigrated to Canada as a marine engineer. He became absorbed in North American wildlife and birds and spent thousands of hours observing and photographing the birdlife that stopped over on Lake Ontario during their migratory flights.