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Luna Porcelain 'Candle Votive  - Swallows'
Candle Votive - Swallows
12 x 12 x 7.5 cms
Other designs available: shown opposite.
Collaboration with South African artist Sharon Boonzaier.

Luna Porcelain

This lovely range of high quality porcelain pieces are inspired by nature and beautifully packaged. Ideal for gifts.

Details:The pieces are designed by the ceramic artist Lynne Lange from Cape Town in South Africa but made high in the mountains of southeast China. Here Lynne found they had access to the high quality materials and skilled labour she was after. Over the years she has built up a strong relationship with what she calls her 'porcelain family'. She visits the factory in Dehua 3 or 4 times a year and dines with the owners and their families. She finds it an enriching experience working with such talent and commitment. We are delighted to have these fine porcelain pieces here in Beaulieu, reflecting the global world we live in.

Lunca Porcelain 'Candle Votive Hummingbird'
Luna Porcelain 'Candle Votive Strelitzia'
Luna Porcelain 'Candle Votive Dragonfly'
Dragonfly - out of stock



Luna Porcelain 'Swirl Design - Vase'
Swirl Design - Vase
16 x 10.5 cms
Luna Porcelain 'Protea Votive'
Protea Votive
12.5 x 9 cms
Price £21.50

Set of Two: 6.5 x 9 cms
Price £24
Luna Porcelain 'Oil Burner - Dragonfly'
Porcelain Oil Burner - Dragonfly
12 x 10.5 cms
Luna Porcelain 'Swirl Bowl'
Swirl Bowl
22 x 12 cms
Luna Porcelain 'Small Swirl vase'
Small Swirl Vase- out of stock
13 x 19 cms
Price: £34.50
Luna Porcelain 'Cockle Shell Bowl'
Cockle Shell Bowl
20 x 19 x 7 cms
Price: £26.50
Luna Porcelain 'Sea Urchin T'Light x 3'

Sea Urchin T'Light - set of three
8.5 x 8.5 x 6 cms ea
Price: £42
Luna Porcelain ' Rafiki Urchin Candle'
Rafiki Urchin Candle - large
Filled "Sea Breeze" fragranced paraffin wax
14 x 13 x 7.5cms £32.50

Set of two smaller candles £32.50

rcelain Cape Conch
Cape Conch
25 x 9 x 7 cms
Price: £26.50
Luna Porcelain 'Bead Candles x 3'
Bead Candles - x3 - Frangipani Fragrance
6 x 6 x 4.3cms
Luna Porcelain 'Flower Bud Candles x 3'
Flower Bud Candles - x3 - Frangipani Fragrance
7 x 7 x 4.5 cms
Luna Porcelain 'Swirl Design - Candle Votive'
Vista Candle -Swirl Design- Sandalwood
9 x 9 cms

Luna Porcelain 'Small Round Clam'
Small Round Clam Bowl - White or Coral Glaze
12 x 13 x 5 cms
Price: £18.50
Lun Porcelain Garlic Vase
Garlic Vase & Garlic Votive- small
11 x 9 cms
Price: Small £25

Luna Porcelain 'Patella Ramekins x 3'
Patella Ramekins - set of three - out of stock
9 x 7.2 x 3.5cms
Luna Porcelain 'Small Finger Clam Bowl'
Small Finger Clam Bowl
17 x 10 x 4.5 cms
Price £16

Luna Porcelain Nautilus T Light
Nautilus T Light
Large: 21 x 14 x 8 cms
Price £26.50

Small: 18 x 12 x 6 cms
Price: £25

Leaf Votive - out of stock
10 x 10 x 9.5 cms
Price: £15 each

Leaf Votive Candle with Spring Fragrance
Price: £30 each