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Votive Vase 'Silent Night'
Silent Light

Light-Glow Porcelain 2018

New to the gallery, these are a line of elegant porcelain candle holders and vases which give that extra warmth to a room. Each is packed in a simple gift box.

Votive Vases
Small £5 (6.5cms high)
Large £7 (7.5cms high)

Votive Vase Love Birds'
Love Birds
Votive Vase 'Love Birds - Grey'
Love Birds Grey £7

Votive Vase 'Love Owls'
Love Owls
Votive Vase 'Reindeer'
Votive Shell 'Nautilus'
Nautilus Shell
Votive Shell 'Tridacna'
Tridacna Shell
Votive Vase 'Painted Lady'
Painted Lady
Votive Vase 'Lighthouse'
Votive Vase 'Anchor'
Votive Vase 'Large Blue'
Large Blue

Votive Vase 'Dandelion'
Dandelion £5
Votive Butterfly Cylinders
Butterfly Cylinder Vases
Small £5 (6.85cms)
Medium £7.95 (9cms) - shown
Large £15 (12cms)
Votive Butterfly Cylinders Lit

Domed Candle Votives £9.95
7.5 cms High
Domed Votive 'Simple Lace'
Simple Lace
Domed Votive 'Twinkling Star'
Twinkling Star

Domed Votive - Busy Bees

Busy Bees
Domed Votive - Mallard
Domed Votive - Lighthouse

Domed Votive - Horses
Domed Votive 'Hovering Butterflies'
Hovering Butterflies
Touch Control LED Light
Touch control light with easily replaced AAA batteries.
£3.60 each