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Sue Howells watercolour 'Boy, It's Windy'
Boy, It's Windy
Image Size 34 x 26 cms
Framed Size: 62 x 51cms
Frame: 4cms soft gold

Sue Howells watercolour 'Shall we all go'
Shall we all go
Image Size 34 x 31.5 cms
Framed Size: 60.5 x 57cms
Frame: 4cms soft gold with silver edging
Framed Price £495

Sue Howells 2019

Artist Details:Sue Howells was born in Birmingham in 1948 and is a self taught artist now working full time. She paints solely in watercolour, capturing the light and vibrancy of her subjects.
In the artist's words:-"I paint in watercolours aiming to produce pictures which are both energetic and of a strong compositional value. By using a great economy of brushstroke, I work as loosely as possible, letting the paint speak for itself as watercolours can be controlled but never bullied. Although based in the Midlands I spend much of my time in Pembrokeshire recording the moody winter atmosphere of the coastal towns."

Sue Howells watercolour 'Harbour Wall'
Harbour Wall
Image Size 35 x 35 cms
Framed Size: 64 x 61 cms
Frame:  5cms dull gold
Framed Price 300

Sue Howells watercolour 'Poppy Cottage'
Poppy Cottage
Image Size 25.5 x 27.5cms
Framed Size: 55 x 53.5 cms
Frame: 5cms dull gold
Framed Price 325
Sue Howells watercolour 'Goodnight Autumn'
Goodnight Autumn
Image Size: 24 x 34 cms
Framed Size: 51.5 x 59.5 cms
Price Framed (charcoal black) £450
Sue Howells watercolour 'Autumn Harmony'
Autumn Harmony
Image Size 22.5 x 30.5cms
Framed Size: 46.5 x 52.5 cms
Price Framed (charcoal black) £450
Sue Howells watercolour 'Poppies Retreat'
Poppies Retreat - sold
Image Size 30.5 x 49 cms
Framed Size: 57.5 x 74 cms
Frame: 4cms soft gold
Framed Price £450
Limited Edition Prints  
Sue Howells print 'Nice to See You...'
Nice to See You, To See You
Giclée Print. Edition Size 295.
Image Size 30 x 30 cms
Framed Size: 56 x 52
Framed Price 250
Sue Howells print 'Free and Easy'
Free and Easy
Giclée Print. Edition Size 65.
Image Size 43.5 x 55.5 cms
Framed £295

Sue Howells print 'Rhythm of Life'
Rhythm of Life
Giclée Print. Edition Size 95.
Image Size 34 x 48.5 cms
Framed Size: 63 x 76 cms
Mounted Price 315
Sue Howells print 'The Simple Things of Life'
The Simple Things of Life.- sold
Giclée Print. Edition Size 295.
Image Size 45 x 34 cms
Mounted Price 188