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Sophie Howare sculpture 'Lou'
Lou - sold
Terracotta on Timber Plinth
Edition No.9
Height 37cms
Price: £340

Sophie Howard 2018

Sophie works in terracotta, bronze resin and porcelain but, though her use of medium may vary, each piece is very much an expression of her passion for exploring her world through sculpture. Recently she has been exploring the essence of tango dancing creating her own interpretation of the movement and connection between the dancers.

Artist Details: Sophie's sculpture explores the body, its form, movement and spirit, and our human rapport with animals and each other. The sculpture is not useful, but seeks to be essential.

Making original pieces and editions in ceramics, bronze, resin and stone, willow and found materials, she explores themes and materials, stillness and motion, bodies and patterns.

Born in Dorset in 1957, and growing up in Yorkshire, Sophie studied at Winchester School of Art, moved to London, and then Bristol in1987.

Teaching art for twenty years, and a creative industries business advisor, Sophie has sculpture in galleries across the UK.

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Sophie Howard with Sculpture  
Boat Studies
Individually Sculpted Ceramics
Glazed Stoneware
Lengths: approx 15 to 20 cms
Price: £89 each

Bronze Resin Sculptures
Sophy Howard sculpture 'Standing'
Standingof stock
Bronze Resin
Open Edition
Height: 14 cms
Price: £110

Sophy Howard sculpture 'Sitting'
Bronze Resin
Open Edition
Height: 16 cms
Price: £90
Sophie Howard sculpture 'The Treatment'
The Treatment
Bronze Resin
Edition No.9
Height: 20 cms x Length 30cms
Price: £380
Sophie Howard sculpture 'Lying'

Bronze Resin
Open Edition
Height: 11 cms
Price: £90

Sophy Howard sculpture 'Later'
Later - out of stocko
Bronze Resin
Edition Size 90
Height: 16 cms
Price: £140