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5Angela Hewitt watercolour 'Highland Cow'
Highland Cow  £195

Angela Hewitt 2018


Framed Watercolours £195
Image size: 35 x 45 cms approx
Framed Size: 64 x 54.5 cms
Angela Hewitt watecolour 'Runner Ducks'
Runner Ducks £195
Angela Hewitt watercolour 'Pig niffing the Breeze'
Pig sniffing the Breeze £195

Angela Hewitt watercolour 'Pecking Cockerel'
Pecking Cockerel £195 - sold
Angela Hewitt watercolour 'Goose'
Goose  £195 - sold
Angela Hewitt watercolour 'Black Cockerel'
Black Cockerel £195 - sold
Angela Hewitt watercolour 'Sheep grazing'
Sheep Grazing £195 - sold
Angela Hewitt watercolour 'Posing Bantam'
Posing Bantam £195 - sold
Angela Hewitt watercolour 'Busy Hen'
Busy Hen £195 - sold
Angela Hewitt watercolour 'Pair of Hens'
Pair of Hens £195 - sold

Artist Details: Angela lives a rural existence on the Isle of Wight and loves to paint farm animals, capturing their quirky natures in watercolour. She became a professional artist by accident nine years ago. She was chef proprietor of an Isle of Wight restaurant and was urged by old customers to write a book of her original recipes. Being short of funds to self publish the book, she decided to have a go at the illustrations and these quickly took over. Now Angela is a full time artist. When painting farm animals - she has in the past kept sheep, ducks and geese - she tries to capture the character of the creatures without them looking cartoon-y. She uses the wet-in-wet technique, enjoying the freshness of the white paper to place her colours with bold loose expression. She has sold many thousands of watercolours to people in this country and abroad. She now also designs greeting cards and creates designs for textiles and ceramics.