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Mike Hall
Mike Hall

Mike Hall Originals 2018

Artist Details: Mike graduated from the Manchester College of Art and completed his post graduate studies at the Royal College of Art in London.

He established his reputation in film and television design in the 1970s and 1980s during which period he also undertook various painting commissions.

His work is exhibited in galleries around the country and is represented in private collections in Scotland, France, Los Angeles, New York, Germany and the Home Counties./

Mike Hall Prints

Small Original Paintings £375
Acrylic on Board
Image Size: 23 x 28 cms (9" x 11")
Framed Size: 41 x 36 cms
Price Framed (warm white): £375

Mike Hall original 'Cottage in Morning Sunlight'
Cottage in Morning Sunlight £375 - NEW
Mike Hall original 'Afternoon Light'
Afternoon Light £375  - NEW
Mike Hall original 'Sunlit Monastery'
Sunlit Monastery £375 - NEW
Mike Hall original 'Polperro Harbour'
Polperro Harbour £375
Mike Hall original 'The Bridge at Argenton'
The Bridge at Argenton £375
Mike Hall original 'Summer Studio'
Summer Studio £375 - sold
Mike Hall original 'Blue Shutters'
Blue Shutters £375  -sold
Mike Hall original 'Summer Lunch'
Summer Lunch £375  - sold
Mike Hall original 'View of Minerve Village'
View of Minerve Village £375 - sold

Original Paintings £750
Acrylic on Board
Image Size: 30 x 35 cms (12 x 14") approx
Framed Size: 44 x 48 cms approx
Frame: 7.5 cms warm white
Price Framed £750
Mike Hall original 'Still Life with Harbour'
Still Life with Harbour £750
Mike Hall original 'View of Garden Table & Chair'
View of Garden Table & Chair £750
Mike Hall original 'Party Table by the Lake'
Party Table by the Lake
Acrylic on Board
Image Size: 43 x 38 cms (17" x 15")
Framed Size: 56 x 51 cms
Price Framed (warm white): £950
Mike Hall original 'Terrace View of Village'
Terrace View of Village £750 - sold
Mike Hall original 'Cafe de France'
Cafe de France £750 - sold
Mike Hall original 'Harbour Cafe'
Harbour Cafe £750 - sold