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Marianne Broadhead Prints 2018

A selection of New Forest signed prints by this local artist.
Mounted size: approx 38 x 44 cms

Price Mounted: £48 Framed £89


Marianne Broadhead


Early Evening, Bucklers Hard

New Forest Lane

Signpost New Forest

Top of the Beaulieu River

Scows off Bucklers Hard

Artist Details: Marianne enjoys the challenge of capturing the sky in all its moods and exploring how the light changes the landscape. She paints in oil, though she started out in watercolour, and her work is realistic with a touch of impressionism.

She comes from a family of artists, so painting is very much in her blood, but it has not been until recently that she has found the time to devote herself to her art. She has a natural talent and an artists eye for balancing the composition. She instinctively knows how to create interest in her landscapes and seascapes, through the interplay of light and the addition of a finishing touch.

She lives in Hampshire where the beautiful local surroundings provide a wealth of subjects for her work.